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Course - VB .NET for Beginners
Free 8 Video lessons

This course will teach fundamentals of programming using Visual Basic .NET (VB) programming language. The topics covered include: variables, data types, decision making, loops, arrays and objects.

This course is aimed at first time programmers and anyone wishing to get a quick introduction to VB

Upon completion of this course, you would acquire basic understanding of VB and will be able to write simple Vb applications and will be ready to take VB Comprehensive I course.

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Unit 1: What is VB and What is .NET?
Unit 2: My First VB App
Unit 3: Variables, Data Types, Assignment
Unit 4: Decision Making, if, switch Statements
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Unit 5: Loops (for, while, do...while)
Unit 6: Arrays
Unit 7: Classes and Objects
Unit 8: Windows Application, Simple Calculator
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