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Success Stories

Here is what they are saying about our courses and our instructors:

Dr. Dilip Dedhia truly understands and knows how to convey technical information and made Java very easy for me to learn. He has a structured teaching style with excellent examples to clarify the concepts that he introduces. He is skillful at teaching and is able to transfer knowledge effectively. Dr. Dedhia was very helpful and answered every question that I had promptly and thoroughly. I will definitely be taking another course with him and I highly recommend Dr. Dedhia to everyone.

---Ruth Dusan

I Completed the Certification Programming classes under Mr. Dilip Dedhia.  I found his course material to be very related and applicable to today's industry.  His practical assignments are relevant to work type problems.  I learned what I needed and I feel my time was maximized to the fullest. Dr. Dedhia is a great instructor and his courses are excellent.
---Alex Pineda, Oracle Corporation

I want to thank you for offering such a well designed Java course.  I have programmed in many languages, which helped me learn the Java language.  But, the layout of your course materials, your lectures and your homework assignments were very beneficial in learning the power of Java.

--Michael Beer

I have learned a lot of new concepts in this course and will highly recommend your course to other colleagues. Please let me know if there is an online survey for the course.


I just want to say thank you for your assistance this past year with my programming courses. Your responses were quick and helpful.
I look forward to taking more of your courses.


As a new comer to programming, I was quite nervous about taking a C# class especially one that was being offered online. Because of my work schedule, I needed to give it a try. As it turns out, I was blessed to get Dilip Dedhia as my instructor. He was kind enough to respond to all my very rookie email questions and even went so far as to give me additional examples ensuring that I understood the concept. Each assignment covers concepts that build on one another and culminates into an assignment that ties everything together and gives you that "aha, I get it" moment. There is no reason to be concerned that you won't get what you need out of these online classes. I had never taken a single programming class before and was able to walk away with an A. I liked it so much that I took another class from Dilip and obtained an A in that as well! Great classes, great instructor, highly recommend!

--Jennifer Davis, Plantronics, Inc.

I have found your homework assignments to be most instructive.  I have learned a great deal from them and have enjoyed working on them.  Thank you for constructing them to maximize their learning potential.

--Richard Snow, IBM

You made Java  easy for me by your structured teaching.
I have passed my Java Exam SCJP  in 2003 just by practising examples from SCJP guide however I am able to gain conceptual knowledge by taking your class. Thanks again.


Just wanted to say thank you again.  I really appreciate the knowledge of the UML and the patterns, it is/has already been coming in handy at work to express ideas, and the patterns have opened my eyes a bit more. 


Thanks for being the instructor for this course and responding to my queries quickly. This course helped me brush up my java skills. Now I feel more confident on java and I owe you for that.

Thanks again and I look forward to taking more courses with you.


I wanted to let you know that I liked your course on Probability and Statistics a lot, and I think I have learned many new concepts that will help me analyze my data at work.


I just wanted to write to thank you for having me in your course this semester.  The C# course was the first course I have taken in an online format only. I learned a great deal of C# in this your course, and found the C# textbook you selected to be one of the better texts I have used in a college course.


So, I gave some thought to where would be the best place to look for learning about the latest and greatest technologies a technical writer could use and I knew it was nowhere else but Silicon Valley. My Internet search eventually led me to programming courses taught online by Dilip Dedhia. I admit to being hesitant at first about online courses when the instructor is 1,307 miles (thank you, mapquest.com) away, but Dilip was right there for me with quick and helpful guidance whenever I had a question via the Internet. The support that Dilip gave me made the distance between California and Colorado irrelevant when it came to my coursework.  For over a year I had used my dial-up modem (yes, some folks still have them) in the Rocky Mountains at 8,236 feet above sea level to connect to the online courses taught by Dilip.

I am grateful to him for making my online learning experience a worthwhile investment in myself and my future as I continue in my job search for that ever elusive technical writing job.

---David Alan Kane, Colorado

The word teacher comes from the root word "teach,"-- with the emphasis on meeting the needs of the students-- particularly, the critical need being, to UNDERSTAND. Surprisingly, this meaning is often times forgotten, and teaching confused with lecturing. I am fortunate to have taken Dr. Dedhia's course on Java Programming, and that meaning has not been lost on him. He has a solid grasp of the principles and little nuances of Java but, more importantly, excels at being able to convey that knowledge effectively. For students, the true value is in Dr. Dedhia's second skill.

---S. Bergado

I just wanted to thank Prof. Dedhia for making Java Simple easy to learn by using a structured teaching style and good examples. He was an effective teacher who covered all the core features of the language in just 9 - 10 sessions.

---Sridevi Kommana
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