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Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

Course Description

Object-oriented design is the process of transforming the descriptive analysis models into computational models for coding. During an object-oriented analysis, a descriptive model of the problem domain is developed. This course will focus on case studies and carry them through the design phase. Instruction uses the Unified Process (UP) and the notation specified by the Uniform Modeling Language (UML). Intended for software engineers and managers who will be involved in the design of an object-oriented system, the course covers the principles of object-oriented design and practical considerations for applying these principles.


    Understand the iterative, incremental approach to building systems
    Understand what type and depth of deliverables are pertinent to the Inception and Elaboration  phases
    Develop effective, accurate requirements with Use Cases and conceptual models
    Understand OO design, objects, and responsibilities
    Use interaction diagrams to assign responsibility, class structure and association on the design class diagram

Upon completion of this course, students should have an understanding of the principles of object-oriented design and experience in applying these principles to real-world projects.

Pre-requisites: Completion of Java I and Java II

Duration: Self-paced, most students complete the course in 10 weeks.

Detailed Syllabus
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