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Course 101E: Beginner Java Enhanced

This course will teach fundamentals of programming using Java programming language. The topics covered include: variables, data types, decision making, loops, arrays, applets and objects.

This course is aimed at first time programmers and anyone wishing to get a quick introduction to Java.

Upon completion of this course, you would acquire basic understanding of Java and will be able to write simple Java applications and applets and will be ready to take Java I.

Course Outline:

Unit 1
What is java?

Unit 2
JDK Download and Install

Unit 3
First Java App.
    A First Java Program
    Compiling and Interpreting Applications

Unit 4
Datatypes, Variables, Assignment
    Primitive Datatypes
    Variable Names
    Assignment Operator
    Arithmetic Operators
    Relational Operators
    Logical Operators
    Increment and Decrement Operators

Unit 5
Making Decisions
    Conditional (if) Statements
    Adding an else if
    Conditional (switch) Statements

Unit 6
    while and do-while Loops
    for Loops
    A for Loop Diagram
    Enhanced for Loop

Unit 7
    1-D arrays
    Creating and using arrays
    2-D arrays

Unit 8
Object-Oriented Programming
    Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
    Classes and Objects
    Fields and Methods

Unit 9
Applet Basics

Pre-requisites: No prior programming experience required.

Duration: Self-paced, most students complete the course in 10 weeks.

Recommended text: Java: The Complete Reference, Seventh Edition (Complete Reference Series)
Recommended: Learn Java by Association with C Cobol Fortran Pascal Visual Basic by Dilip Dedhia
Soft copies
Learn Java by Association with C
Learn Java by Association with Pascal
Learn Java by Association with C Cobol Fortran Pascal Visual Basic
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Unit 1: What is Java?
Unit 2: JDK Download and Install
Unit 3: My First Java App
Unit 4: Variables, Data Types, Assignment
Unit 5: Decision Making, if, switch Statements
Unit 6: Loops - for, while
Unit 7: Arrays
Unit 8: Classes, Objects
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