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Course 102: Java I Intermediate

This course covers Java fundamentals, including basic language syntax and constructs. It discusses Java's implementation of object-oriented concepts like classes, data and function access control, and inheritance. In addition to learning the fundamentals, students will build graphical user interfaces and program in the Java event-handling model.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to write, maintain and debug Java console, applet and window applications, make effective use of some of the standard packages, and write object-oriented code using encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. The course (along with Java II) provides the foundation for the Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform Exam.

This course is designed for experienced programmers who need to write or maintain object-oriented Java programs.


Introduction to Java
    Origin and Design Goals of Java Overview of JDK Tools
    Use of the JDK to Create Java Programs
    Strengths and Weaknesses of Java
    Comparison to other OO Languages
    Compiling, Debugging and Running Java Applets and Applications

Java Language Fundamentals
    Java Program Structure
    Identifiers and Scope
    Strings and Arrays
    Logic and Flow Control Statements
    Function Declarations and Arguments
    Using References


String and Graphics Class
    String Methods
    Graphics Methods
    JDK Documentation


Object Oriented Programming in Java
    Creating Classes and Instantiating Objects
    Methods and Attributes


    Using This and Super Keywords
    Final, Abstract and Static Keywords
    Overriding and Overloading
    Multiple Interfaces and Packages


Java AWT Components
    Using Interfaces
    Building GUI applets
    Event handling
    Using Delegation Model


Components and Layouts
    Using AWT Components
    Using Layout managers
    Panels, Layouts
    Scrollbars, Option buttons


Multi-threaded Programming
    The Java Thread Class
    The Runnable Interface
    Thread Methods
    Thread Scheduling and Priority

Exception Handling
    Exception handling
    Creating Your Own Exception Class


java.io package
    IO Using Input and Output Streams
    File Streams
    PrintStream class
    File input/output
    Random Access File

Pre-requisites: Knowledge of high level programming language such as C++, Pascal, VB.

Duration: Self-paced, most students complete the course in 10 weeks.

Required text: Java: The Complete Reference, Seventh Edition (Complete Reference Series)

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