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Course 111: C# for Beginners (Enhanced)

This course will teach fundamentals of programming using C# programming language. The topics covered include: variables, data types, decision making, loops, arrays and objects.

This course is aimed at first time programmers and anyone wishing to get a quick introduction to C#.

Upon completion of this course, you would acquire basic understanding of C# and will be able to write simple C# applications and will be ready to take C# Comprehensive I course.

Course Outline:

Unit 1
What is C# and .NET?
Download and Install C# Express 2010

Unit 2
First C# App.
    A First C# Program
    Compiling and Running Applications

Unit 3
Datatypes, Variables, Assignment
    Primitive Datatypes
    Variable Names
    Assignment Operator
    Arithmetic Operators
    Relational Operators
    Logical Operators
    Increment and Decrement Operators

Unit 4
Making Decisions
    Conditional (if) Statements
    Adding an else if
    Conditional (switch) Statements

Unit 5
    while and do-while Loops
    for Loops
    A for Loop Diagram
    Enhanced for Loop

Unit 6
    1-D arrays
    Creating and using arrays
    2-D arrays

Unit 7
Object-Oriented Programming
    Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
    Classes and Objects
    Fields and Methods

Unit 8
Basics of Windows Applications
    Creating User Interface
    Using Buttons, Labels, TextBox
    Programming Events

Pre-requisites: No prior programming experience required.

Duration: Self-paced, most students complete the course in 10 weeks.
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Unit 1: What is C# and What is .NET?
Unit 2: My First C# App
Unit 3: Variables, Data Types, Assignment
Unit 4: Decision Making, if, switch Statements
Unit 5: Loops (for, while, do...while)
Unit 6: Arrays
Unit 7: Classes and Objects
Unit 8: Windows Application, Simple Calculator
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